Paleoart contest and Palaeocast interview


Palaeocast Episode 30 paleoart contest advertisement. Image: Dave Marshall.

Recently, Dave Marshall interviewed me about my paleoart work for Episode 30 of on his award-winning paleontology podcast series, “Palaeocast“. You can listen to the audio online at the Episode 30 link, where we chat for just under an hour on everything from what possesses me to paint dinosaurs; to dirty secrets about how I pull it off; our new book (“The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi” by Steve White and myself); favourite dinosaurs (of course!); the good, the bad and the ugly in paleoart today; how paleoart relies on scientific research; my own research on crazy life at the bottom of the ocean and extreme microbiology; paleoart competitions; and fish-eye views of Apatosaurus. If on the interview I  sound like I’m rambling, or redundant, or redundant, or inebriated, it’s because the we recorded the Skype interview at the pre-coffee time of 7 a.m. my time and I’m not a morning person. Disclaimer made.

One really funky aspect of this Palaeocast episode (apart from the “brilliant” artwork that accompanies it 🙂 ) is that Dave Marshall is hosting a paleoart competition (see below) for anyone who is not a professional paleoartist (I’m still terribly bitter about the fact that I cannot compete in it! 🙂 ). Until midnight (U.K. time) on July 31, 2014, you can upload your own paleoart via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag:


Check Dave’s Palaeocast site for the specific rules of the contest, but three winners, based on the cumulative number of likes and favourites, will be awarded a copy of “The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi” by Steve White and Julius Csotonyi, courtesy of Titan Books. So get on board, have fun drawing or painting some paleontology themed subjects, upload them and good luck!