Linheraptor exquisitus (Julius T. Csotonyi)

Linheraptor exquisitus (2009)

Digital painting

A derived dromaeosaurid with features resembling Velociraptor from Late Cretaceous Mongolia was recently described by Xu et al. (2010).

Xu, X., Choiniere, J. N., Pittman, M., Tan, Q., Xiao, D., Li, Z., Tan, L., Clark, J. M., Norell, M. A., Hone, D. W. E., Sullivan, C. 2010. A new dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous Wulansuhai Formation of Inner Mongolia, China. Zootaxa. 2403:1-9. link to paper