Clients and Projects

Partial List of Clients

Abdo Publishing, Ltd.

Anness Publishing, Ltd.

Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario

Ducks Unlimited

Frontenac School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Focus Junior magazine

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum, Malta, Montana

Houston Museum of Natural Science


Media Entertainment Technology Advisors

Museum of the Red River, Idabel, Oklahoma

National Geographic Books

National Geographic Television

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, North Carolina

Professional Litho

Royal Alberta Museum Gift Shop

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta

Scholastic Inc.

Space Age Films

Weekly Reader

Project Details

Museum Exhibits

Dinosaur Mummy CSI: Cretaceous Science Investigation, commissioned by the Houston Museum of Natural Science in association with the Judith River Foundation, featuring muruals to support exhibition of the Guinness Book of World Record's best preserved dinosaur, a mummified Brachylophosaurus nicknamed "Leonardo".

Alberta's Fossil Trail, commissioned by the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, with signs appearing throughout Alberta, Canada (Edmonton, Devil's Coulee, Drumheller, Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Grande Prairie, Lundbreck Falls, Medicine Hat, Red Deer).

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum, featuring "Leonardo" the Brachylophosaurus, Malta, Montana, USA.

Museum of the Red River, featuring Acrocanthosaurus, Idabel, Oklahoma, USA.

Ceratopsian exhibit, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

"Terror of the South" exhibit, featuring Acrocanthosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC.

Natural History Notebooks, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario [view samples].


Ancient Animals (Scholastic, USA).

Baryonyx (Abdo Publishing, USA).

Camarasaurus (Abdo Publishing, USA).

Compsognathus (Abdo Publishing, USA).

Dig Deep! Looking for Dinosaurs (Scholastic, USA).

Dino-Mite!: All About Dinosaurs (Scholastic, USA).

Dino Defenses (Scholastic, USA).

Extreme Dinos (Scholastic, USA).

Gone! Dino Extinction (Scholastic, USA).

Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs, by Dr. Phillip Manning (National Geographic Books, USA). (Order from

Greenworld (M.E.T.A., Japan) (forthcoming).

Growing Up Dino (Scholastic, USA).

Oviraptor (Abdo Publishing, USA).

Pachycephalosaurus (Abdo Publishing, USA).

Prehistoric (Space Age Films, USA).

Prehistoric Hunters (Scholastic, USA).

Sea Monsters, by Michael Everhart (National Geographic Books, USA). (Order from

Soar!: All About Pterosaurs (Scholastic, USA).

Swimming with Saurs (Scholastic, USA).

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals of America, by Tom Jackson and Michael Chinery (Anness Publishing Ltd., UK). (Order from

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, by Dougal Dixon (Anness Publishing Ltd., UK) (Order from,, amazon/ or

The World Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, by Dougal Dixon (Anness Publishing Ltd., UK) (forthcoming) (Order from

The World Encyclopedia of Marine Fish and Sea Creatures (Anness Publishing Ltd., UK) (forthcoming).


Focus Junior magazine (10 Sept 2007).

Montana Living magazine (spring 2001).

Prehistoric Times magazine, edited by Mike Fredericks (issues 49-52, 63, 70-71, 73-77).

Weekly Reader magazine (Oct 2007).

Drawing Classes Hosted

Frontenac School, Grade 4 Art Class - Drawing Dinosaurs (16 June 2005).


The Dinosauricon
Prehistorics Illustrated.


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